Rashell, the open-source .NET shell

Rashell is an open-source command-processor based on Microsoft .NET Framework that's dynamic and user-customizable to the core.

Taking cues from bash and from Microsoft's Command Prompt, Rashell combines the CLI environments from Linux and Windows.

Awesome features


Being open-source, Rashell can be easily customized to meet developers' needs.

Text-based file configuration

Rashell stores configurations in the Linux way by using a text file containing Rashell's configurable parameters such as definition of executable files, environment paths and more.

Linux feel on Windows

Rashell is packed with some of Cygwin compiled GNU CoreUtils utilities.

Getting Started


If you want to integrate Rashell in your projects or you just want to contribute, fork the repository on GitHub to get started and then follow the developer's documentation.

Try out Rashell

Head to the GitHub page and download the latest release. An installation Guide can be found here:

  • Rashell Installation Guide
  • Requires .NET Framework 4.6

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